Argumentation and Debate

Welcome to Argumentation and Debate!

Argumentation, and its formalized and verbalized enactment, debate, is
the process of reasoning to judgments. This course aims to sharpen
your skills as advocates by teaching you the theoretical, mechanical,
and strategic considerations of argumentation in order to improve your
skills of critical thinking in the comprehension, critique, and
creation of reasoned judgments and persuasive discourse.

Questions to consider in advance of the course:

1- Who is the best public advocate you have ever observed? What
qualities made them such strong advocates? What types of evidence were
offered in the campaign?

2- If you could advocate for one institutional change in your home
country, what would it be and why? What is the largest barrier to
creating that change?

3- Are there any issues that you believe in so strongly that you could
never imagine changing your opinion?