2014 BFTF Fellows

Meet the 2014 Fellows

European Fellows

Albania                                 Geri

Geri Sula

This beach loving citizen knows how to work and to play hard. When Geri is not fighting for human rights, you can find him tutoring young children. He may even learn a new language during the BFTF.



Azerbaijan                            Javid

Javid Museyibli

Javid is part debater, part computer programmer. If you ever need to win an argument or fix your latest Java update, this ace from Azerbaijan is your man.



Belgium                                Sara

Sara Coghe

Sara is a quadruple threat. She can act, she can scout, she can ski a steep slope, and we hear her tennis game leaves opponents trembling. If you ask, she might even wax poetic about the importance of remembering World War I.



Bosnia & Herzegovina        Lena

Lena Perisic

This dedicated communitarian from B&H rarely gets any R&R. When Lena is not helping the local Red Cross, she is debating the importance issues facing her community and promoting the value of diversity.



Bulgaria                                Yuliy

Yuliy Yuliev

Interested in taking college classes on-line while in high school? Just ask Yuliy, he’s taken many. But be sure to ask when he is not reading to school children or dunking on some hapless opponent.



Croatia                                  Patricija

Patricija Biskup

Sometimes, the picture says everything. This clever Croat will often have her nose in a book: learning another language, reading to children, or catching up on the latest political trends. If you ask kindly, Patricija, an award-winning writer, might even share one of her own stories.


Cyprus                                  Ruya

Ruya Ozkaya

No job is too small for this charismatic Cypriot. Whether it is playing sports, creating arts, or debating the issues of diversity, Ruya will be able to succeed at them all.



Cyprus                                  Thomas

Thomas Stavrinos

We, too, salute Thomas’s many accomplishments. This exceptional public speaker knows how to woo the crowd, whether its acting in a musical, leading the student body, or scoring goals on the pitch.



Czech Republic                    Bara

Bara Neumannova

What do you get when you cross a pianist with a singer, a swimmer, and a snowboarder? Bara the bodacious! Certainly, a clear candidate for the talent show.



Denmark                              Mads

Mads Waedegaard

This dedicated Dane knows what makes for a good protest. You want to advance the cause of democracy? Talk to Mads, we are sure he will have some suggestions.



Estonia                                  Reete

Reete Rool

This talented Tallinn native loves mathematics, rhetoric, physics, and language. The Renaissance Reete will certainly make the world a better place.



Finland                                  Amani

Amani Al-mehsen

This fantastic Finn is a ferocious fighter for women and children rights. Amani, an aspiring nurse, has a knack for cooking. We can not wait for her contribution to the international dinner.



France                                   Guillaume

Guillaume Renee

Cue La Marseillaise. Enter Guillaume. This intrepid journalist and aspiring law student fights for liberty, fraternity, equality. Be sure to ask him about World War II, he is quite the history buff.



Georgia                                 Lika

Lika Mtskerashvili

This future diplomat knows how to organize. Lika’s active involvement in community service should serve her well at the BFTF. Do we see a BFTF birthday celebration in the future?



Germany                              Johannes

Johannes Leuschke

Pictures reveal plenty. Start networking with Johannes now. This future German diplomat will certainly be a player in international affairs. We just hope he will not be too saddened when he arrives at the BFTF, after the Stars & Stripes surprisingly beat Die Mannschaft in an exciting 2-1 match.


Greece                                  Michalis

Michalis Chaintoutis

We can hear Apollo sing in praise. This Athenian-born artist is quite the musician. We wish him the best in becoming a Greek diplomat, for we are sure he will help harmonize cacophonous international relations.



Italy                                       Marcello

Marcello Gravante

When he is not hanging out with superheroes, Marcello is playing a little calcio or tackling some Dostoyevsky. This team player will make a fine diplomat one day. Forza Azzurri!



Latvia                                    Rolands

Rolands Indruskevics

Rolands is ready to come the United States! This Red Cross volunteer is also an innovative filmmaker. Rolands is quite the health nut, dedicated to lowering obesity rates in Latvia. Hopefully, he will not be too tempted by the Krispy Kreme doughnuts.



Lithuania                              Ruta

Ruta Meskauskaite

Look out, BFTF! This Model European Parliament veteran knows how to organization and coordinate. I am sure all the aspiring diplomats could learn a thing or two from Ruta.



Macedonia                           Ivona

Ivona Gorgiovska

The innovative Ivona is a Macedonian movie-making machine. She not only works from behind the camera, but also in front. Be sure to ask about her work in “Shadows and Clouds.”



Malta                                     Emma

Emma Grech

We have a history of big personalities from Malta (it must be something in the water), and we are sure Emma will be no different. This award-winning leader will likely try to get you all to participate in important parliamentary debates.



Moldova                                Vlad

Vlad Seremet

Vlad the Violinist. This Wave Week alumnus is quite the musician, thinker, and comedian. We are certain he knows the answers to: “What? Where? When?”.



Montenegro                         Ana

Ana Scekic

This fellow from the Black Mountain nation loves to test the waters. Ana participates in a laundry list of extracurricular activities, from volleyball, to debate, to dance. Her talents are boundless.



Netherlands                         Musti

Musti Darsh

This Dutch computer whiz has a playful side. When he is not riding plastic horses, he is leading the Student Council or planning numerous school events. We will be looking to Musti for help with WordPress.



Poland                                  Karolina

Karolina Kaim

Don’t let the picture fool you. Karolina is from Poland and not the UK. This future publisher has a bevy of experience as journalist, columnist, and even a translator of TED talks. When she is not watching classic 1950s films, Karolina winning awards for her writing. Be sure to ask her about the significance of July 12.


Portugal                                 Mariana

Mariana Coelho

Beware, BFTFers. If you fail to recycle, Mariana will likely scold you. This Eco-Club warrior is helping keep Portugal green. We suspect Mariana will be a fan of the Campus Garden.



Russia                                     Ksenia

Ksenia Benner

An environmental activist, animal lover, and humanities scholar; that’s one impressive combination. Ksenia is such a lover of nature that she has her picture taken with dirt.



Serbia                                      Lazar

Lazar Karapandza

It is fitting that this giant in the Model UN circuit leans on the world for support. We are sure Lazar’s love of science make him an even better tennis and basketball player.



Slovak Republic                     Judita

Judita Ruzickova

This silly Slovakian loves drama. When she is not dressing up as a penguin, Judita is breaking down cultural barriers and doing her best to improve the lives of those less fortunate.



Slovenia                                 Jure

Jure Tus

This slammin Slovenian knows how to drop the beats. Jure, an award winning Hip Hop dancer, can choreograph anything from an Model UN negotiation to settling international disputes over waterways.



Spain                                     Maria

Maria Garcia

There is no problem with Maria. She is an exceptional student that is definitely 4education. This lover of languages has a breadth of experience. Just ask about her educational background.



Sweden                                 Elias

Elias Giertz

It is not hard to get a smile from Elias. This studious Swede must have politics in his future. As a political activist, we are sure his entrepreneurial skills will serve him well as the BFTF, and running numerous campaigns.



Switzerland                          Michael

Michael BaderLook out, Roger Federer. There is another Swiss tennis star on the horizon. That is unless Michael elects to become a pilot who jet sets around the world learning new languages.



Ukraine                                 Rimma

Rimma Babiets

This citizen-activist is an ardent supporter of human rights and gender equality. Rimma, her school’s student council president, plans on studying sociology at university.



United Kingdom                   Hena

Hena Patel

BFTF Fellows love to debate political issues. But look out, Hena is top-rated debate. Her debating skills are only matched by her breadth of knowledge. Ben would be proud.



U.S. Fellows

California                              Navya

Navya Konda

A computer whiz? A professional dancer? A youth ambassador? A social activist? Navya is certainly BFTF material.




Colorado                             Neema

Neema Githere

This future Bulldog boasts an exceptional record of starting and leading organizations. Bullies beware, Neema knows how to network and boost goodwill in the community.



Florida                                 Ryley

Ryley Hartwig

You guessed it, Ryley loves to debate and has the trophies to prove it. But wait, there’s more. He’s a musician and football player, too. Ryley is a triple threat.



Kentucky                              Lilia

Lilia Newman

This bluegrass state native is quite the thoroughbred. Lilia is a tutor, a rower, and an active volunteer. She even finds some time to learn Arabic, as well.



Nevada                                Rebecca

Rebecca Matley

We certainly hope this future CEO remembers the BFTF when she becomes rich and famous. Rebecca will likely outrun or outdebate her business competition.



North Carolina                    Nova

Nova Quaoser There is only one word to describe  the exceptionally bright, Nova: “super”. He plays the piano; he wins debates; he runs long-distances; and he throws a mean frisbee. And of course, he likes giant pizza.



North Carolina                     James

James Llewellyn

This award-winning student not only racks up debate victories, he cleans up at Latin competitions. Oh, and did we mention James lived in Malaysia for a year in high school. Nothing like celebrating your birthday by spending a month at the BFTF! We are thrilled that James will be attending Wake Forest in the Fall.



Tennessee                            Brendan

Brendan Gaffney

Look out, American, Brendan is behind the wheel! Rest assured, we are certain he is getting the good student discount. And lookout Republicans, this Young Democrat is quite the debater.



Virginia                                 Amy

Amy MillisWith all the journalism talent at the BFTF, we should start a magazine. Hopefully, we can get this experienced and decorated columnist to lead us. When the bookish Amy is not poring over a Proust tome, she working on developing websites. No, this is not Amy, but an appropriate stand-in for this art lover.


Texas                                   William

William JennetteWe are certain William is somewhere in this picture. But it makes sense that this aspiring diplomat is surrounded by others. And if international relations does not pan out, we are certain he will become a rock star. William and Ruta will have lots to talk about, since he lived in Lithuania for quite awhile.