Arts and Community

Christina Soriano

We will look at a handful of arts organizations in NC and in other parts of the US with significant community arts outreach programs. Following an introduction to these models, students will be invited to also participate in a mock example of my improvisational dance class for people living with Parkinson’s Disease. Students will each be asked to prepare a short class or lesson to share with our class in an effort to “try out” their outreach methods and approaches.¬†In anticipation of our first meeting, students should be prepared to discuss the types of arts outreach they are interested in pursuing in their communities at home.

Social Movements

Nate French

The workshop focuses on recent social movements as a form of deliberation and democracy that force a debate on multiple arguments by opposing the status quo. Fellows discuss recent movements that are developing across the Unites States and internationally. The workshop serves as an important bridge to connect the theory and practice of traditional and new forms of active, participatory citizenship.