Documentary Film in Society

Dear 2014 BFTF Fellows,

My name is Chris Zaluski and I am the instructor for “Documentary Film in Society.”

This short class introduces Fellows to the basic principles of documentary film, as well as the relationship between documentary and social change. We will discuss how a free media informs a free democracy. We will also examine different forms of documentary filmmaking and online journalism. In the final two weeks of the BFTF, interested students will have the opportunity to work with me to develop their own film component for the final project.

Pre-Arrival Questions

-What is the role of storytelling in your society?

-Should the goal of a media producer be to educate on social issues or create an emotional connection with its audience? Which is more effective in inspiring people to act?

-What does the term “discerning media consumer” mean to you?

-What ethical responsibilities do filmmakers and media producers owe their audience?

Looking forward to meeting you all!  Sincerely,