2015 BFTF Fellows

Meet the 2015 Fellows

European Fellows

Albania                                  Arsa


This awesome Albanian is an aspiring journalist with interests in math, science, and environmental protection (the picture says it all). That is an impressive list of beats to cover! And she could argue with her editor in four languages.



Armenia                                Ozheni

Ozheni-ArmeniaOzheni spreads the glow of sunshine where ever she goes, helping those with disabilities in her native Armenia. We hope her experiences at the BFTF will help her advance human rights causes.



Austria                                  Mechiie

Mechi-AustriaIt is fitting that Mechiie finds herself behind a podium, where we are sure she is advocating for volunteerism and political engagement. This former class president will surely take the BFTF by storm!



Azerbaijan                            Fidan


When Fidan is not busy with her university studies, she is doing some damage with her mad Taekwondo skills.  Or she may dazzle you with rhythmic gymnastics.



Belarus                                 Nadzeya


This friend of nature and future Eurovision winner knows how to carry a tune. Nadzeya is sure to start a new band this summer, Franklin and the Benjamins.



Bosnia & Herzegovina        Borivoje

Borivoje-B and HBorivoje is a leader in breaking down stereotypes and addressing historical tensions. He fights floods and prejudice. Be sure to ask him about John Rabe.



Cyprus                                  Nesrin

Nesrin-CyprusIs there a doctor in the house? There will be. With a background in drama and storytelling, Dr. Nesrin will sure to have good doctor-patient relations.



Cyprus                                  Xenia

Xenia KantounaLook out, BFTF! This Model United Nations diplomat will blend hope and realism to change the world. Xenia’s future is bright, she has to wear shades!



Czech Republic                    Josef

Josef-CzechHe gardens. He is a History Olympic champion. He even trades on the Prague Stock Exchange. We will be turning to Josef to put together our investment portfolios. Let it ride!



Denmark                              Anna

Anna HingeA pianist, a scientist, a horseback rider, a soccer player. Anna does it all. There is not much this dynamic Dane cannot do. We hear she is a fan of food.



Estonia                                  Vladislav

Vladislav-EstoniaDo not let the picture fool you. This young eagle is a lover of classical literature and public speaking contests. Vladislav is dedicated to defense, law, and entrepreneurship. The trifecta.



Finland                                  Niko


This fantastic Finn is a peer counselor and IT whiz. So, Niko should be able to skillfully and patiently guide you through your frustrations with a computer.



France                                  Gabin


This future engineer loves tennis, basketball, and working with children. We presume sticking out one’s tongue is a common French greeting. Always the trendsetters.



Germany                              Rebecca


BFTF Fellows love to play soccer (or football, or calcio), and now they have a coach in Rebecca. We presume she will keep her side organized. A pretty tough task with these fellows!



Greece                                  Agapi

Agapi-GreeceFrom the birthplace of western philosophy, Agapi lives in the spirit of Artemis as a lover of nature and music. She also is an expert fencer. On guard!



Iceland                                  Ellen


We hear it snows a lot in Iceland and this is how its citizens drink water. But then again, Ellen has a flair for the dramatic. This theater veteran is an outspoken advocate for disability rights and natural born leader!



Iceland                                 Julia


When this Mario is done chasing mushrooms, she is fighting for nature. Julia is an avid environmentalist who practices what she preaches. Ask her about her job (not pictured: Luigi).



Italy                                     Martina

This intreMartina-Italypid Italian will love to share her beautiful country with you. As one who is interested in the tourism industry, Martina will be well equipped to take you around Sicily where she will hone your volleyball skills. Forza Azzurri!



Lithuania                              Lukas


What is it you see, Lukas? He must be searching for more Eurodebate trophies. Or is he looking for more youth organizations to set up model parliamentary programs? We’ll be sure to ask him when he arrives.



Luxembourg                        Pitt


Pitt won an Oscar, too!? How does he find the time? Between being a Boy Scout, running his school, participating in European Youth Parliament, and saving the environment, we are surprised he even has a chance to sleep!



Macedonia                           Zlatka

Zlatka-MacedoniaThe athlete, debater, and performer has a GLOWing history of volunteerism. We are hopeful that Zlatka will use her skills in New Media to document her BFTF experience.



Malta                                     Sean

Sean-MaltaWe love Sean’s selfie with his BFTF acceptance letter! This passionate reformer fights for his fellow students and promote youth involvement in local elections. True BFTF material. We are equally excited he will be joining us this summer.



Montenegro                         Amina

Amina-MontenegroThis Black Mountain nation native is a natural in front of a classroom. Amina is a dedicated peer educator, athlete, and volunteer. She wants to come to the BFTF to learn how to better improve her community. That’s the BFTF spirit!



Netherlands                      Giulio

Giulio-NetherlandsThis Dutch Debater really knows how to make a killer argument. But Giulio has a soft side, too. He helps stray dogs and organizes scavenger hunts for children. We are sure he’ll rock the annual BFTF scavenger hunt.



Poland                                  Karolina

Karolina-PolandFor the second year in a row, the Polish Fellow is named Karolina. We are sure it’s not the same Karolina, but we really cannot tell by the picture. When she comes out from behind the camera, this math kangaroo develops her own line of cosmetics.



Portugal                                 Laura

Laura-PortugalThis Portuguese powerhouse is the Ronaldo of volleyball. When Laura is not serving up aces, she volunteers and studies up on how to become an international diplomat.



Romania                                Martina


This rambunctious Romanian often chants “Let’s do it, Romania” as she leads the charge for addressing her country’s environmental problems. Be wary when disagreeing with Martina, she is a world class debater.



Russia                                     Vadim

Vadim-RussiaWe believe Vadim is somewhere in this picture. But, hey, he’s a team player! When he is not taking a MOOC, Vadim will be singing, learning about international relations, or watching movies. Vadim would be an ideal partner for a game of Trivial Pursuit.



Serbia                                   Milena

Milena-SerbiaYes. That is a Bon Jovi concert t-shirt. Milena just made one member of the administrative staff very happy. Raise your hands for this savvy Serbian who does not runaway from a challenge. A scientist with the heart of an artist, Milena keeps the faith that you’ll never have to say goodbye when you make a memory at the BFTF.


Slovenia                                 Blaz

Blaz-SloveniaWe are feeling self-conscious about the BFTF website with an expert web-designer in Blaz viewing it. We are hopeful this budding entrepreneur would have some ideas for making it better.



Spain                                     Alejandro

Alejandro-SpainWith a name like Alejandro, of course this Fellow from Spain would find himself on stage. He is equally likely to give a TED talk on astrophysics as he is singing in Carmen at La Scala.



Sweden                                 Hanna

Hanna-SwedenHanna is a true lover of animals. Her calming spirit and ability to resolve conflict are legendary. Hanna wanted to bring her horse to the BFTF, but apparently, there is no room in the dorm.



Switzerland                         Betty

Betty-SwitzerlandThis Swiss scout is one heck of a musician. Betty is an aspiring architect. We are sure she will building bridges across cultures. Which should come easy, given all the languages she speaks.



Turkey                                   Tuna


Tuna blossoms when she is front of a classroom, where she is likely to lead everyone in song. Tuna is a future surgeon with an excellent sense of humor; she always leaves everyone in stitches.



Ukraine                                 Vladyslav

Vladyslav-UkraineWhat? Where? When? We don’t know, but Vladyslav is sure to know the answers. His commitment to education is legendary in his native Ukraine. He will likely win any trivia contest.



United Kingdom                   Samuel

Samuel-UKLike most Londoners, Samuel loves the Underground. And we have the pictures to prove it. He is a published playwright and an exceptional debater. We pity any theater critic who would ever give Samuel’s play a bad review.



U.S. Fellows

Alabama                               Carter


Carter is an Eagle Scout, track star, and all around good guy. We hear that it can get pretty foggy in Alabama and that Carter loves horses. This picture captures both. We believe Carter is the one on the right, but then again, the fog makes it difficult to see.



Arizona                                 Litzeth


Litzeth looks to start a career as spokeswoman for McDonald’s (but there are so many better food options in Arizona!). We know this is an international program, but if you need an interpreter, we recommend you call up Litzeth.



California                              Hojoon

Hojoon-CaliforniaWe believe Hojoon is in this picture (or he might be in the picture with Vadim). Either way, this sharp dresser is a killer pianist. We are excited to see what he does at the talent show.



Florida                                   Jaylexia

Jaylexia-FloridaThis Cornell-bound Floridian Fellow is a top-notch debater and public speaker. In a crowded field of exceptional speaker, we are sure Jaylexia will more than hold her own. We also hear she is quite congenial.



Kansas                                 Madison

Madison-KansasMadison is from the American Heartland, and she wears the flag to prove it. If you are looking to improve your leadership skills, this HOBY ambassador will be there to help.



Kentucky                              Kayla

Kayla-KentuckyThis bluegrass state native and future human rights lawyer will stop at nothing to clean up the environment. As a top-tier debater, Kayla knows how to win an argument with cunning and disarming charm.



New Jersey                           Mark

Mark-New JerseyThe first rule of Journal Club is that you do not talk about Journal Club. Unless, of course, you ask Mark about it; we’re sure he’ll tell you all about it. Maybe you can do that while playing a riveting game of squash.



North Carolina                    Nonnie

Nonnie EgbunaNonnie is a poet, and she does know it! She is a filmmaker and the winner of the Harvard Prize Book Award. Nonnie is a committed member of her community; she knows how to author action.



North Carolina                     Rob

Rob-North CarolinaWhen Rob is not perfecting his Michael Phelps impression, he is usually tossing around a frisbee, running track, or building robots. This brainy athlete also rocks numerous mock trial competitions.



North Carolina                    Valerie

Valerie DiGloriaWhen Valerie is not showing off her sense of humor, she is writing a screenplay, poem, or short story. She may even document her experience at the BFTF as part of a future memoir.